Thursday, September 13, 2012

Top Ten Favorite Baby Games to Play 0-6 months

As we are approaching ten months with Annabelle & Scarlett and that first birthday is just around the corner it makes me think back to the first six months (yes I remember them clearly even through the X2 sleep deprivation)

So today's post is a quick one listing my top ten play time activities for 0-6 months some tried and true and maybe some you have not done?

Perhaps you have others you'd like to share or if you have a newborn you may get some helpful ideas.

Without further ado and as my children loved them all in no particular order.

1. Cuddles (OK I lied that is definitely #1) it is the earliest and nicest of play time activities

2. Peek-A-Boo now you see me now you don't

3. Like a Teddy Bear (If you haven't already see more detail ...)

4. Tummy Time

5. Story Time - Never to early to start we could not hold Scarlett for the first 4 days but we began to bond because Mummy & Daddy would go read her a bed time story every night she was in NICU

6. Baby Gym Mats - It was a sad day they outgrew these they were great for them to start concentrating with, then kicking & reaching hours of fun

7. VIP photo album - We did pictures up of all the important people in their life into a hard covered album to go through and share stories of babies love to study pictures as they can begin to focus (I noticed reactions around 14-16 weeks)

8. Dance Baby Dance swan around the room with baby on hip to your favorite tunes or own voice

9. Puppets as we headed towards the 5-6 months they became fascinated with hand puppets I had finger ones and would play things out using different voices with two on each hand.

10. Laugh Baby Laugh Games the sweetest sound you want to help develop this and it makes you all feel happy. We spent time tickling, raspberry blowing and tongue flicking(it's hilarious when they try to grab it)

Happy Play Times :-)

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