Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend Watching - How To Make A Can & String Telephone

We have been doing a series on classic games recently and it gets the mind thinking of all types of fun stimulating things you used to do when we didn't have all that is at the disposal of children today.

Then my 10 month old daughter was using the bath cups where she was holding one to her ear and one to her mouth and making delightful screeching noises (anyone with young babies know that excitable ear piercing but oh so sweet until the 1000th time sound) and it made me think of the old tin can phone my Grandfather showed us how to make.

So therefore this weekend's watching is in honor of an age old communication tool way before the Iphone or Blackberry.

Give your children the joy of yesteryear and make one together and tell them that now the challenge is they have to make a game out of it there is not one built in :-)

Have a wonderful weekend to you and your families.

Happy Play Times :-) 

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