Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jumping Good Time

A friend yesterday let us borrow her jolly jumper to try out with Annabelle and Scarlett and I must say it is an overwhelming success so far.

I mean check out the pictures below they are what tells a thousand words!

Our children are currently 9 months old this toy can be used from 3 months onwards we were just a little late to the party.

The great thing about a jumper is that it is designed to hold their spine in place and be safe. I find that it it is going to be a great outlet to get all of that pent up energy out that just seems to build at the pre walker stage. And I can tell you from my experience as I am writing this the girls are in a deep morning nap this seems to only happen nowadays when they are worn out!

Other areas that are improved with the jumper are it:-
Develops Motor Skills as they learn to co-ordinate all their movements.
Instills curiosity the kids are fascinated by how it is working and what they can suddenly see all around them from this new vantage point.
Promotes rhythm, we had The Wiggles CD on and I will have to video it and post in the future they were bopping and dancing in time to the music (oh and a tip for mothers I read in the instructions you can put your own exercise DVD on and both you and the baby can get your exercise time in apparently babies love the music and moving in time with you so that is a great way to get a work out in!)

Happy Play Times :-)

PS: If you are interested to learn more check it out on Amazon.

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