Sunday, September 23, 2012

Book of the Moment - Dogs by Emily Gravvett

When your little ones start becoming aware of dogs it really is the cutest thing.

A walk out and about will greet you with squeals of delight or if like us and you have a pet dog it offers up hours of endless entertainment as they watch (safely and supervised of course) the dogs antics of the day. In fact it is one of the earliest words children can say!

Therefore any book about dogs at the upper end of the first 12 months is a huge hit.

And one of my favorites is "Dogs" by Emily Gravvett, the illustrations are beautiful, the wording simple and easy to teach as first words. We really have so much fun reading and sharing this book at story time.

You follow dogs that are spotty, sloppy, big, small, hairy and bald to find out which one is the child's favorite of all....

I highly recommend this book for your youngster it is sure to become a well loved and favorite book in the collection and of course for this age group it comes as an all important slobber proof and chew proof board book!

Perhaps you have read it and would like to share your opinion or we would love to hear of other dog books or animal books to add to our collection.

Happy Play Times :-)

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