Thursday, September 20, 2012

Children's Play the Old Fashion Way - Part One

We will be doing a multi part series on some good old fashion games of times gone by.

With the multitude of tools available to entertain children 24/7 we've lost some of that young wonderment of just you and a group of friends who could do so much with so little.

This is why we want to introduce some of the games of old to become the 'old new'

Chinese Whispers
(4/5 + Age)
Can you relay what you first hear or how will the story change.
How to Play
This needs a group of children and adults can join the fun as well.
Sit in a circle and a person is selected to start.
They whisper something such as "My favorite color is Red" to the person next to them, who then whispers to the next person on what they think they hear and so on.
At the end when you get to the last person they say what they heard and you see how close it is to the original statement.
This game can be so funny as messages can change greatly the more people playing.

Hide and Seek
(2/3+ Age)
You hide and I will go seek.
I am sure this game has not lost favor and still played the world over!
How to Play
One person is selected to seek out those who are hiding. You need at least two players.
The seeker counts to ten (or any age appropriate number) the hiders find a place that is difficult to be found (note to parents don't let it be to hard where no one can find them!) and when the number is reached the seeker seeks the other players out.
Usually whoever is first found becomes the next seeker.
I LOVED this game as a child.

Musical Statues
(2+ Age)
Get your little musical monkeys learn stop go by playing this super fun game.
How to Play
Have an adult be in charge of the music and play it fun and fast so your little ones can run and dance around BUT be aware when the music stops so must they as still as a statue the last child to stop waits for the next game.
Great for exercise, learning rules and patience waiting until the next game.

Please check back soon for more in this fantastic  play series.

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