Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Like a Teddy Bear

As I had some rare time to watch trashy TV the other night when my girls were in bed I saw a fun little ditty on Tori & Dean Home Sweet Hollywood being done on the children by Patsy which I had forgotten about but remembered loving as a child.

It was "Round & Round the Garden (on their hand) like a teddy bear, 1 step, 2 step (as you go up the arm) tickle you under there (under the armpit) I tried this on my children the next morning to squeals of delight & laughter.

It was a nice moment and laughing is so important as it helps you to bond with your child and in turn gives them confidence, a sense of security and contentment. So take the opportunity to laugh and play whenever you can. 

And this game is great for a little change time interaction.

Happy Play Times :-)

Try this with your children

On YouTube the poster of this video said...

This story was written my 10 year old niece and the actors are her sisters and their friend. We helped them put this together as a movie over a the holiday weekend, and had a great time doing it!

We thought it was a lovely way for a family to play together and spending time it is fun, educational (the child wrote the story and they had to learn the lines) and great for building confidence as the children act out the roles. 

It also provides a tangible outcome they can see for their efforts and to be proud of.
Take the time to see how they did it and perhaps some weekend soon you can do this with your children.

Happy Play Times :-)

The A.B.C Game

As we know it is so important to talk to our children and it is a very effective form of play they love our voices and they are sponges soaking up language.

Sometimes it is hard to think of what to say or do – I certainly found this early on and then I started playing the A.B.C game.

I did so from the very earliest stages (Birth Upwards).

When we were feeding I would go through the alphabet and choose a category for example food and name something in it that started with the alphabet.
A is for Apple
B is for Bannana
Q is for Quail
X hmmm this one was hard and became XO sauce ☺

But I am sure you get the idea.

Other categories were countries, animals, sports and any word!

Try it for yourself it is never to early or to late to do the alphabet game.

Perhaps share some categories of your own in the comments section.

Happy Play Times ☺



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Happy Play Times ☺