Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wednesday Warming Moments - Compassionate Twin

No video, no photo for this one.

Just a proud Mummy who realising she must be doing something right in the way she is teaching her children about playing and caring from a young age.

When we were at our 'Musical Monkey' class on Tuesday a little girl just four month's old had just started. One of the games they play towards the end is a all the children laying under a parachute as the parents wave it up and down over the children and the parents sing songs. This little girl was so scared and started to really cry hard, my little Scarlett lent over and took the little girls hand and just held it when this didn't work she started patting her.

This Mummy was proud and had a few tears but I and many other parents were blown away by the act of compassion by a ten month old who usually parallel play and little awareness of others - I believe perhaps being a twin and used to having someone around all the time and witnessing your twins different emotions makes very young children who are twins faster in their emotional development.

What are your thoughts readers?

Happy Play Times :-)

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