Sunday, September 30, 2012

More Websites We Love

Here we are again with two more fantastic sites for you to perhaps check out and follow.

Structure in an Unstructured Life
Twitter: @BethAtStructure
Meet Beth a Wife and Mum trying to find calm amongst the chaos.
Follow her journey with the coach, Roo and Monkey as she shares in a fun and entertaining way about de-cluttering their life, home and getting ahead in this unstable world.
The meal planning section is full of great tips and advice . Another must where I certainly can use some advice with ever growing twin girls is the organization section.
I truly love perusing this site and always find something new.

How to be a Dad
Twitter: @HowToBeADad
Charlie and Andy write this hilarious take on parenting from a Dad's perspective.
You need to see this site just for the funny instructional diagrams are my favorite - Ninja Dad, Zombie VS Baby a fantastic take and fun in the crazy but ever amazing side of parenting.
If you want a fun and entertaining break then don't miss How To Be A Dad.

Enjoy and please let us know your thoughts or other websites for us to share in.

Happy Play Times :-)

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  1. Thanks so much for highlighting my site! So nice to have wonderful friends out here in the "blog world"! :)