Monday, September 17, 2012

Terrific Tummy Time Tips

It is important babies spend time on their tummies in order to avoid flathead syndrome and gain those all important muscle, strength and skills to sit, crawl and walk.

Do babies get distressed during tummy time yes they can my goodness you would of thought with the girls we were the world's worst parents how they would cry - but it doesn't have to be stressful for parents and babies once we worked through it we all found it enjoyable.

My advice as you try these tummy time play tips is remember to stay happy in the moment, accept tears will happen but remain calm so your sweet little baby feels it to be a positive experience.

So here they are....

- Lay baby at first on your chest and stomach they will begin to feel secure and more adventurous. Lean up and kiss your baby and get a post baby abdominal workout in!

- Lay your baby on their tummy on an activity play mat with the toys that hang as they grow they will be curious of those toys and try to lift and focus on them. Tummy time for our twin daughters was more of a success on their activity mat than just on the floor.

- Lay face to face with baby on the floor, close at first then moving further away as they grow in skill and confidence so they can reach out to you.

- In line with the previous two comments place toys like rattles or a lovey they are attached to.

**Remember though do tummy time fun when your baby is not really tired as this will distress them more we used to do it a little before a feed when babies as it would start to tire the girls then they had a bottle and down for a nap - Happy Child; Happy Parent In that scenario**

Hope these tips are helpful in making tummy playtime fun!

Happy Play Times :-)

Daddy watching on as Annabelle & Scarlett had
First Tummy Time Session (2 weeks old)

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