Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Children's Play The Old Fashion Way - Part Two

This post once again is to take another trip down memory lane and bring old into the new generation once again!

Please enjoy and use some of these classic old play games with your family.

Hula Hooping
Ok who remembers this as a child?
Great fitness, great for improving motor skills and hey great fun!
How long can you keep that hoop spinning?
I remember we used to have a group of girls in the neighborhood and we would compete round after round for the best hula hooper.
How to Play
Pick up a hula hoop have loads of energy and sway the hips!

Why was this so much fun?
Who knows???
But as a youngster I whittled away hours with my sister and next door neighbor on this game.
How to Play
Get a large piece of elastic (2 meters  +) and have it looped around two peoples ankles.
The player then performs various skips and jumps through the elastics raising it higher to increase difficulty until they can't complete then the next person takes a turn.

A great game needs nothing but two or more players and your hand.
This is fantastic to amuse youngsters in the car. I remember playing it on long road trips to pass the time.
How to Play
Open Palm = Paper
Closed Fist = Rock
Two Fingers in a Sideways V = Scissors
Count to 3 and make one of the 3 shapes.
The following combinations show you who is the winner...
Paper beats Rock (Paper can Wrap)
Scissors beats Paper (Scissors can Cut)
Rock beats Scissors (Rock can break Scissors)
Doing the same combination is a draw.
You can have a best of competition say 3,5 or 7.

Hope you've enjoyed these three additions in our series please check back soon for more old fashioned play ideas.

Happy Play Times :-) 
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  1. Love those games...it's a little trip down memory lane.

  2. Thank you for stopping by and leaving us a comment :-)
    Yes the old fashioned games are so much fun it is nice to be reminded of them and how they can still be relevant.
    All the best and please come by again soon Laura