Monday, October 1, 2012

Splish Splash Water Play

My twins are ten months old and if your a parent with children that age or you've been there it is an age of rapid development, a curiosity of everything in the world around and a little frustration that they can't quite get what they want when they want it. 

Therefore it's an age that needs lots of hands on show, tell and play to quench that worldly thirst for adventure.  I think it is such a wonderful time I am loving sharing this special time and planning fun activities for us all. 

One I wanted to share for this age group is the nested water cups in tubs of water. I lay out a waterproof mat (I won't lie it spreads from there but I don't mind) I then use tubs filled with water and place the cups in there. Babies can then pick the cups up, see the water seep, they do this repeatedly as the gorgeous little brain ticks over how this is happening and enjoy the sensation of water splashing their hands about in the tubs. 

The other part of this activity is that babies also try to figure out how the cups go together great for problem solving and motor skill development. 

A photo tells a thousand words so for proof of the fun had with this activity look at the enjoyment on these gorgeous faces.

Do your little ones like water play?  

Happy Play Times :-)

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