Friday, October 5, 2012

Friday Fun Facts - Apples and Pumpkins

Fall has Fallen in the northern hemisphere a time for apples and pumpkins so let us have some fun with random facts about these two delicious foods.

Enjoy the facts and the food!

  • Have you bobbed for apples before? Ever wondered why they float which is what allows them to be a perfect fruit for this game? Because they are made up of 25% air.

  • Fall is a delicious time to consume apples and we enjoy them on average of 65 times per year, per person around the globe.

  • Always thought of New York as the Big Apple? Did you know it is also the official fruit of Washington, Rhode Island and West Virginia

  • There are 7,500 varieties of apples Worldwide – how many have you tried?

  • Pumpkins are originally from Central America but can now be found grown all over the world

  • How much pie and soup do you think could be made from the largest ever recorded pumpkin grown which came in at a whopping 1,340 pounds or 609 kg WOW

  • So then following on from the biggest pumpkin in Ohio the biggest ever pumpkin pie was made it was 12 feet, 4 inches wide, 4 inches deep and weighed 2,202 pounds (wonder if they used some of the largest pumpkin for that!) it had 1,860 eggs and 300 pounds of sugar – dig in.

  • The name pumpkin has its origins from the Greek word pepon which means large melon.

Happy Play Times :-)

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