Thursday, October 4, 2012

Making Kitchen Music

When a baby is able to sit up and starts to learn hand eye co-ordination they love to bang!

So my life has changed dramatically from bopping around the kitchen to the latest songs to rocking out to the sounds of the kitchen drums!

Welcoming your baby into the world of kitchen percussion has a Mummy benefit-:
  • They are amused as you prepare the meals giving you extra time.
And has many baby benefits-:
  • They are in close proximity to you as babies love the company of their favorite playmate you but they are also learning to amuse themselves
  • .Hand-Eye co-ordination is improved as they make contact with their make shift instrument.
  • Listening is improved as you see them concentrating and understanding the different sounds of objects being hit.
This activity also costs absolutely nothing no special purchase required.

Having twins we share the drumming around giving each a turn at the banging of the drum (a wooden/plastic spoon and light weight pot/plastic bowl) and the other chiming in with the crashing of cymbals (some pot/pan lids) with only one baby give them free range to bang and crash at will.

You know the biggest surprise is I never thought I would be a Mummy that would love this type of noise but the happiness it brings and the sounds of laughter make it the sweetest music of all.

So let your little one get drumming today.

Happy Play Times :-) 

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