Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Put it in Pull it Out Toy Tubs of Fun

From dawn to dusk as they say my girls can play this game pull it out and discover the wonderful array of toys with which they can play.

This activity is great from about seven to eight months onwards it takes effect when your baby has body control and can grasp objects.

Fill a container of small toys things that are easy to grab and place it in front of your baby.

The below photo is an example of what I use.

I find depending on the time of day or mood of the baby they will take them out carefully , looking, exploring each toy. Or it is like tornado alley and they come flying through the air with claps and laughter.

I also use this toy taking out technique when I am playing explaining "Mummy took out the Doll" this helps the children to develop language skills.

Added to this now as they are getting older when we take toys out I play the yes/no game which helps develop mental capabilities.

If it is a doll for example I say is "Mummy holding a Dog?" and shake my head saying No. Then I say is "Mummy holding a Doll?" nod saying Yes.

A simple past time that has so much development opportunities.

Just another example of how at this age everything that we just think is play really is all about development so it is so important we give lots of time for play and experiences.

Happy Play Times :-)

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