Sunday, October 7, 2012

Teddy Bears Picnic

My three year old niece recently went to a local Teddy Bears picnic and it made me think that it was not something I had heard about in a very long time.

In my hometown of Adelaide when I was small there used to a be a huge picnic in the city along our river every year attended by hundred’s of children then it kind of disappeared.

It is where a child comes along with a picnic lunch and a teddy bear to join in fun and games with others and their bears.

Let’s face it what child does not love their teddy bear, playing, interacting with others, having some food and enjoying the fresh air.

I was so happy to see this tradition bought back even on a smaller scale. And I do not know whether they have them in other parts of the world but it made me think this is something you can run for your own child and their friends at home – doesn’t it sound like fun?

As part of a play date invite your children’s friends over, ask them to bring their favorite bear, lay out the rug (indoors if the weather is cool, outdoors if it is fine), put on some snacks and create some fun games to play (if you are looking for ideas how about the old fashioned games we have posted about recently)

We would love to know if you have teddy bear picnics in your hometown? if you remember them as a child? Any experiences you care to share?

Happy Play Times :-) 


  1. Last school year my son's class had a teddy bear day. It wasn't actually a picnic, but all the kids brought their teddy bears, got to introduce them, and then the teddy bears had a sleepover in the classroom. The next morning the kids were thrilled to find their bears in all new places from where they had left them. This activity went along with a story about stuffed animals that came alive at night and played. My son loved it!!

    1. Wow what a fun school activity!
      Thank you for sharing it with us Beth :-)