Monday, July 23, 2012

Let your Kids Get Muddy with Mud Pies

When I say mud pies what do you think of???
The delicious chocolate goodies OR the fun and imagination of children baking mud pies in the backyard.

For me it is the latter and one of my favorite childhood memories.

At my grandparents house be it summer or winter (we lived in Australia no snow) my grandma would give us some old plastic mixing bowls, utensils to mix and saved icecream containers/egg cartons to set about making our gooey, messy, muddy creations.

Into the garden we would go to dig up the dirt, turn on the taps (in summer really splash about) until we had the right consistency, mix it up and mold away.

We would then put them into our pretend oven, which was an old stone BBQ and move onto to our next adventure in the garden. We would return an hour or so later to un-mold and set up a bake sale. Which was an old wooden bench but we would decorate and make festive while dragging, Pop, Grandma, Mum, Dad whoever would indulge us as we tried out our sale pitch – needless to say we always sold a good amount (perhaps that’s why I went into sales ;-) 

What I love about this is it is good old fashioned, use your imagination child play – it gets kids outside away from the TV & Computer screens and participating in the world around them.

How about following the tips of old here and let your kids get muddy, messy and baking today it really does pass the time in a fun and creative way best of all they are doing it in the fresh air and it isn’t so hard to clean up when you can hose the paths and the children down (in the summertime of course).

Happy Play Times :-)

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