Sunday, July 15, 2012

Experience the Fun of Play Cafe's

I had a wonderful day today with my family at a local play café. The joy on Annabelle and Scarlett’s faces as they explore and try new things is priceless.

My girls are almost eight months old and our local cafe is not just about slippery dips and ball pits. They have many toys and activity stations set up that cater to all ages so we get a lot of value from a very young age.

Other play cafes however are focused more on when your child is walking or at least crawling so I advise before this stage you visit their website or call to check what is on offer before taking the child and spending the $.

From observing my children and the other youngsters at these cafes the benefits for your children’s play and development that I see are:-
- They can interact, observe and learn from the children around them.
- Improve confidence and social skills through interactions with strangers.
- Improve sharing abilities (Luckily I have twins who are already used to the other taking toys but I was shocked that a girl snatched a ride on train that my daughter had in front of us to ride and the parent didn’t say anything and I wasn’t up for creating a scene)
- Exercise, Exercise, Exercise! As they run and crawl through various activities they expend a lot of energy.
- Explore and understand their capabilities when trying new tasks and activities in a child safe and friendly environment.

I highly recommend finding a café in your local area and trying it out.

Personally I love getting down into it with my children so I can share in the fun and games and I definitely see the true meaning of ‘Happy Play, Happy Children’ when we do.

Happy Play Times :-)

-Tired children who are looking for their sleep (Don’t we all love that!)
-The opportunity to meet other mother’s, and expand your social network.

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