Monday, May 6, 2013

Little Artists...

We have recently begun to explore the fun and creative past time of art creation.

Starting with a recommendation from a friend who was taking her children to an art class called Mucky Pups at around 14 months of age we decided to give it a go!

Below you will see the girls very first art class project - which I think this Mommy will proudly displayed on my fridge forever!

We now also brave getting down and arty (or should that be dirty!) at home.

Some of the projects we undertake with our toddlers are:-

  • Hand Prints - We make a cut out of my hand and then dip their hands into it and make hand print patterns on my hand shapes.
  • Finger Painting Fun.
  • Bubble painting - This one can be a bit messy but you get dishwashing detergent add your non toxic child friendly paint (Crayola do a great line of this) to a plastic cup then Mommy's or Daddy's blow through a straw until it is bubbling over and then the kids take the bubbles and make patterns on their paper.
  • Using different objects to create patterns and textures - Items such as toy cars, spatulas, paper towel rolls, straws, sponges etc...
Painting is a great way for kids to learn important skills such as:-
  • Exploring Creativity
  • Development of fine motor skills.
  • Improvement of Self Esteem through accomplishment of task.
  • Having FUN!!
It really is a great bonding activity for you to do with your kids and from my personal experience their attention level is captured longer than with other activities.

Do other people have ideas they wish to share with us on their kids painting activities and things we could all try? As always we would love to hear your feedback.

Happy Play Times :-)

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