Saturday, May 18, 2013

Friday Fun Facts - Twins

This week I am going to dedicate our fun facts to the beautiful and awe inspiring (well that's what I believe being a twin Mommy :-) TWINS!

So did you know....

  • 22% of twins are left handed (One of my girls Annabelle is showing a left handed tendency)
  • Fraternal & Identical are not the only types of twins there are in fact 7 categorizations.
  • Every year in Twinsburgh Ohio a festival celebrating twins occurs.
  • Mothers of twins live a longer life a 2011 study found.
  • Identical twins DO NOT have identical finger prints.
  • Twins become aware of each other at 14 weeks in the womb - I used to love this fact and thinking of them playing together when I was pregnant.

Well that is all for this edition - wishing you a wonderful weekend with your families.

Happy Play Times :-)

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