Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Fun Facts

September welcomes Spring in the Southern Hemisphere and Fall in the Northern.

So therefore we wanted to dedicate this Friday's Fun Facts to all things weather!

-Antarctica would of felt positively melting on January 5th 1974 at 59f/14.6c

-The US has the most tornados anywhere with an average of 1200 per year

-What damage could of been done with the 2.25lb/1kg hailstone that fell in 1986

-No two snowflakes are the same just like children each is unique & special

-Brrr Russia in parts are so cold that milk is sold frozen

-60% of the worlds water is frozen in the ice caps & if the Antartic icecap were to melt it would flood a quarter of the world land

Happy Play Times 

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