Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Fun Facts

With all the Curiosity surrounding the NASA space mission "Curiosity" to Mars (yes pun intended ;-) we are dedicating this weeks fun facts to Mars.

So here are a few fun facts for you to share with your children this weekend.

-Mars is that cool red color because of iron oxide or to us simpler folk that is rust (now how could you keep things clean!)

- Don't like dust storms then you could not go to Mars it has the worst dust storms of all the solar system.

- You would need to set out early to get to Mars it is 35million miles away from earth (could you imagine the "Are we there yet...")

- One day in Mars is 24.6 earth hours and 686.98 earth days

Happy Play Times :-)


  1. What an interesting fact - I didn't know one day in Mars is 24.6 earth hours and 686.98 earth day - fascinating! Thanks for the awesome post!

    1. Yes Penny I learnt this new fact as well don't you love learning!
      Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment.