Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Fun Facts

Welcome to the first of a weekly series to be featured on a Friday of fun facts to share with your children over the weekend.

Play a game with your child and give them the first part of the fact and then give multiple choices to see if they come to the right conclusion or play a game of true and false. This is a fun way of expanding your child's learning and development.

So here are five fun facts this Friday:-

(1) Orange does not rhyme with any other word - don't believe me try it or better yet get your children to try it!
(2) Apples float because why??? They are made up of 25% air
(3) Elephants have snorkels yep they use their trunk when swimming as an in built snorkel 

(4) Can an elephant jump???
No it's the only mammal that can't 

(5) By the time your little child reaches 30 that beautiful heart will have beaten 36,500,000 times

Happy Play Times :-)

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