Saturday, June 9, 2012

Baby Change Table Games

Dedicating and incorporating time in your day to engage and play with your baby through out is so very important.

One of the ways I love doing this is spending a little time when changing my girls they love the attention and Mum time with big giggles and smiles all round.

So what do we play?

- This little piggy went to market....
- Blowing Raspberries on the belly
- Game of anticipation "Mummy is going to (tickle, kiss) you and use a sing song voice and over exaggerated movements
- Time for peek-a-boo by covering their eyes (not yours!)

So don't see change time as chore time but play time, every interaction is joyous times.

Any ideas from our readers leave a comment for us to learn from.

Happy Play Times :-) 

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