Tuesday, May 15, 2012



Thank you for stopping by “Happy Play, Happy Child's” BLOG!

My name is Laura and I am the proud mother of Annabelle and Scarlett my infant twin daughters. I am a stay at home Mum living in Singapore while my husband is here on an Expat assignment.

I started this BLOG as a first time Mum who was unsure as to what play I should do and when with my children. So I studied trialed and researched the topic in depth, hey Google on your phone is great during those long 24 hour periods you are up soothing, feeding and raising two babies ☺ I found fragmented information that lacked real world experience, so I decided why not start writing a BLOG myself so I could provide one place with great useful information I have found, tried or discovered during the joyous role that is motherhood.

I hope you enjoy and will participate with ideas of your own and share the “Happy Play, Happy Child's” BLOG with other Mum’s so we can all join together in raising secure, intelligent, fun loving children through play and of course LOTS OF LOVE!

Happy Play Times ☺

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