Saturday, June 1, 2013

Friday Fun Facts - Water

Annabelle & Scarlett LOVE the water!! I have in fact just put two very tired girls down to bed after taking them to a water spray park at a local mall.

So it made me think about what to write for this week's fun facts and what came to mind? Water especially with summer just around the corner in the northern hemisphere! And our fun filled water day.

So here are some fun, random facts about water for you to share and enjoy with your family!
  • Want to know where you use the most water in the home? 63% of it is from the kitchen and toilet.
  • Is it hot? or cold? where you are right now? Did you know either way it is water that regulates the Earth's temperature!
  • 90% of the worlds fresh water supply is located in Antarctica.
  • Pure water has no smell or taste.
  • Liquid, solid and gas are the three types of water states. 
  • That cotton short your little one wears - has 25 liters of water embedded into it.
Well there you have it hope you found something of use or fun in amongst those facts.

Wishing you all a happy Friday and wonderful weekend.

Happy Play Times :-)

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